Professional Expertise

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Experimental Skills and Instruments Handled

  • Have done a number of experiments on micro & macro scale and carried out routine Functional group identification & transformations.
  • Experience in multi-step synthesis of Organic molecules. Experience in handling air sensitive reagents.
  • Good experience in handling Parallel reactions.
  • Done many microwave-assisted reactions using domestic and “CEM” “Biotage” microwaves. Chromatographic techniques viz. Column chromatography, automated system consisting of Argonaut pre packed columns, Argonaut solvent handling System and Gilson fraction collector helpful for high speed purification.
  • Very good hands on experience in Normal Phase chromatographic separation using Comb flash system.
  • Hands on experience in handling of Instruments such as HPLC (Shimazdu), LCMS (AGILENT) with auto sampler. Knowledge of separation of compounds by HPLC technique (Preparative HPLC).
  • Operating knowledge of NMR (BRUKER 300MHz and Varian (400MHz). Determination of structure by Interpretation of the IR, NMR, CMR, Mass Spectrum, HPLC & G.C.
  • Seminars